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#9432 Premium Diesel Preventative Maintenance Service Kit

#9432 Premium Diesel Preventative Maintenance Service Kit Please login to download the SDS Sheet.
Special Features:

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner + Cetane Booster "4332" is a premium quality fuel treatment which boosts the performance and stability of any diesel fuel it is added to. Diesel fuel treated, yields maximum engine performance, fuel economy, emissions reduction, wear protection, and fuel storage stability, for all types of diesel engines. Lifts the cetane value of the base fuel by 3 to 6 numbers, which greatly improves combustion, increases performance and power, and reduces emissions. The lubricity agent prevents wear of fuel pumps and fuel injectors. Contains a powerful detergent package which both removes and prevents carbon build up on injectors and in the combustion chamber and in the diesel particulate filter. In addition to all that, contains an antioxidant fuel stabilizer to prevent oxidation and fuel break down during prolonged storage or down times. Diesel Engine Cleaner is designed to remove varnish and minor sludge from engine circulation system and condition newly added oil. “5532” is poured into the crankcase prior to the oil change for cleaning to help remove varnish and resin deposits. Cleans the fluid passageway system to help improve fluid circulation. The oil filter and oil is then changed. Diesel Engine Friction Reducer “5232” is then added to the new oil, providing reduced friction, reduced wear, and prolonging the life of the engine.

Contents: 3 part kit / Fill size: 32 ounces each / 4 #4332 bottles per case / 4 #5532 bottles per case /  4 #5232 bottles per case

Not sold in stores. For professional use ONLY. Please contact your local Sunbelt Lubricant Distributor or Service Dealer for more information