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#7532 Universal CVT Fluid

#7532 Universal CVT Fluid Please login to download the SDS Sheet.
Special Features:

SunMax CVT Transmission Fluid is a blend of API Group III base oils with top-tier additives to meet or exceed OEM test specification performance requirements. It is excellent for use in both belt and steel chain type CVT’s. Having excellent oxidation and sludge resistance, it also has a 12-stage FZG Gear Test pass, which contributes to excellent wear protection in steel chain type CVT’s. It is excellent for use in either torque converter clutches or wet start clutches. GHS compliant

Universal CVT Fluid is suitable for use in the following vehicles, or in vehicles that specify the following requirements:

  • BMW/Mini Cooper EZL 799A (Punch) - Belt
  • Daihatsu Ammix CVTF-DC, Ammix CVTF-DFE - Belt
  • Dodge/Jeep Mopar CVTF+4 - Belt
  • Ford M2C928-A (CFT 23) - Belt
  • GM DEX-CVT, GM CVT - Belt
  • Hyundai/Kia SP-CVT 1 - Belt
  • Honda HMMF**,HCF-2* - Belt
  • Mazda CVTF 3320 - Belt
  • Mercedes Benz MB-Approval 236.20 - Belt
  • Mitsubishi DiaQueen CVTF J1, DiaQueen CVTF J4* - Belt
  • Nissan NS-1, NS-2, NS-3* - Belt
  • Subaru E-CVT - Belt
  • Suzuki CVTF Fluid Green 1 (Shell Green 1V), CVTF Fluid Green 2*, CVTF 332 Belt
  • Toyota/Lexus TC, FE, WS - Belt
  • Toyota (Prius eCVT only) - Hybrid
  • Audi/VW TL 052 180, TL 052 516 - Chain
  • Ford WSS-M2C933-A (CFT 30), Mercon C (CFT 30) - Chain 
  • Subaru Lineartronic CV-30, Lineartronic CVTF II, High Torque CVTF - Chain

Not Suitable For Use in the following:

  • Conventional Stepped Automatic Transmissions
  • Dual Clutch Transmissions
  • Manual Transmissions

Fill size: 32 Ounce / 12 containers per case

Not sold in stores. For professional use ONLY. Please contact your local Sunbelt Lubricant Distributor or Service Dealer for more information