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#4512 Cetane Booster

#4512 Cetane Booster Please login to download the SDS Sheet.
Special Features:

Diesel Fuel Cetane Booster is a premium quality fuel treatment which boosts the performance and stability of any diesel fuel it is added to. Lifts the cetane value of the base fuel by 3 to 6 numbers, which greatly improves combustion, increases performance and power, and reduces emissions. The lubricity agent prevents wear of fuel pumps and fuel injectors

  • Boosts cetane 3 to 6 numbers. Engines run smoother with less power lag and faster cold starts
  • Boosts power. Reduces need to downshift during high-load conditions.
  • Contains maximum fuel lubrication. Protects fuel injectors and pumps against accelerated wear from Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.
  • Prevents thermal/oxidative breakdown of diesel fuel. Protects against sludge formation that plugs fuel filters and injectors.
  • ULSD compliant. Contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur
  • No environmentally harmful dyes
  • GHS compliant


  • Effective in all diesel fuels including ULSD and biodiesel blends
  • Heavy Duty diesel engine fleets of all kinds
  • Diesel passenger cars
  • Stationary diesels used in power generation, compressors, pumps, and industrial work
  • Mining equipment
  • Municipal diesel engine fleets – sanitation, bus lines, school buses
  • Industrial Marine Diesels burning #2 fuels

Fill size: 12 ounces / 24 bottles per case

Not sold in stores. For professional use ONLY. Please contact your local Sunbelt Lubricant Distributor or Service Dealer for more information