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From humble beginnings in the recycling industry in 1954, Sunbelt Lubricants, Inc. has emerged as a thriving specialty chemical manufacturer serving automotive and industrial markets in the USA and globally. Recycling activities were ceased in 1980, and through a series of ownership changes, Sunbelt emerged as a premier supplier of lubricants, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and other chemical specialties. Acquisition of automotive chemical lines has broadened the scope of the technology base into numerous excellent offerings for the modern automotive market place.

Since 1984, Sunbelt Lubricants, Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, branding, private labeling, and serving customers with excellence in the specialty chemical market.  Sunbelt Lubricants is known for high-performance products, including automotive additives, racing oils, industrial cleaners, industrial oils, metal working fluids, corrosion inhibitors, environmentally green formulations, and more.

Sunbelt Lubricants has a rich history of success with many great clients such as: CSX, Black and Decker, Eaton Corporation, Crane Cams, Sun Hydraulics, GAF, Lennox Industries, York International and hundreds of other companies.

The chemists and engineers working with Sunbelt Lubricant’s Research and Development team have collaborated in producing dynamic improvements to the SunMaxTM line of additive products, and to introduce important new additions to this product line that will greatly enhance our distributor’s offerings. Sunbelt Lubricant’s innovative performance technologies and “can-do” spirit helps to improve manufacturing efficiencies and quality year after year.  Sunbelt Lubricant products are designed specifically to use the latest developments in chemical technology, have low toxicity, the best environmental profile, and the highest safety standards.